Big Data in food safety - A review​​


Cangyu Jin, Yamine Bouzembrak, Jiehong Zhou, Qiao Liang, Leonieke M.van den Bulk, Anand Gavai, Ningjing Liu, Lukas J.van den Heuvel, Wouter Hoenderdaal, Hans J.P. Marvin

Determination and Metrics for Emerging Risks Identification DEMETER: Final Report


Nathan Meijer, Matthias Filter, Ákos Józwiak, Don Willems, Lynn Frewer, Arnout Fischer, Ningjing Liu, Yamine Bouzembrak, Lars Valentin, Marcel Fuhrmann, Teresa Mylord, Kata Kerekes, Zsuzsa Farkas, Eleni

Expert-driven methodology to assess and predict the effects of drivers of change on vulnerabilities in a food supply chain: Aquaculture of Atlantic salmon in Norway as a showcase


Hans J.P. Marvin, Esther van Asselt, Gijs Kleter, Nathan Meijer, Grete Lorentzen, Lill-Heidi Johansen, Rita Hannisdal, Veronika Sele, Yamine Bouzembrak

A system approach towards prediction of food safety hazards: Impact of climate and agrichemical use on the occurrence of food safety hazards


Hans J.P. Marvin, Yamine Bouzembrak

Internet of Things in food safety: Literature review and a bibliometric analysis


Yamine Bouzembrak, Marcel Klüche, Anand Gavai, Hans J.P. Marvin

Effective sampling strategy to detect food and feed contamination : Herbs and spices case


Yamine Bouzembrak, Ine van der Fels-Klerx

Application of Bayesian Networks in the development of herbs and spices sampling monitoring system


Yamine Bouzembrak, Louise Camenzuli, Esmée Janssen, Ine van der Fels-Klerx